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Yellowstone and Aira. Disasters on the planet. The climate strikes new records!

Disasters on the planet: Yellowstone and Aira, melting glaciers, stopping of the Gulf Stream, record temperatures, abnormal heat, floods. The climate strikes new records! Climate Breaking News on ALLATRA TV.

1:34 Japan and China. On July 5, a typhoon Prapiroon descended upon Japan and China, which caused massive rainfall in Japan.

2:16 South Korea. Powerful rainfall caused flooding in many areas of South Korea.

2:31 Thailand, Pakistan, India, Romania, Spain, Italy, Ghana, Nigeria and Houston. Heavy floods.

2:40 Japan. Lately, volcanic activity has awakened. The Sakurajima volcano started erupting on the southern island of Kyushu in Japan. This volcano is part of the super-volcano Aira, which is described in more detail in the report by ALLATRA SCIENCE researchers: “On the problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways of solve these problems”

3:07 USA. Japan. American scientists from the University of Miami and the Florida International University, in the course of their research, discovered a deep underground connection between the Aira and the Kirishima volcanoes in Japan.

5:29 USA. Yellowstone. Today, our attention has been drawn by the information about a new statement of geologists, who discovered that magma in Yellowstone caldera has started to heat up twice as fast.

6:47 USA. Thunderstorm in Kentucky. A lot of the hardest storms swept across Southern Indiana, central Kentucky on Friday, July 20, 2018.

9:34 Guatemala. The participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement reached out to Faride Irene Coll Zaid, a psychologist, a volunteer who is in a refugee camp and injured after the eruption of the volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

9:08 Gulf Stream. New research just published in the journal Nature shows that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation also known as (AMOC) has slowed down since the mid-20th century and that it may have reached a new record low.

13:43 Greenland and Antarctica. On July 10, a giant six-kilometer iceberg split off the Greenland glacier of Helheim.

15:35 Strange sounds around the world. Across the planet, people record incredibly loud sounds coming from the sky. In many cases, this alarming rumble is similar to the fact that someone is blowing loudly. What conclusions can we draw in connection with these “apocalyptic” sounds?

17:22 Russia. On July 6 in Stavropol, water filled basements and houses, rising to half a meter. Heavy rains fell in Sochi and Adler.

20:06 Record temperatures. The past few months, including April, May, June and July brought with them anomalous heat for many countries of the world.
USA, Canada, Japan, countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, some European countries and even Northern Siberia fell victim to an unheard of in the last 138 years heat. For more details, see the thematic special report of the Breaking News. For more information, watch “Abnormal heat around the world. Record temperatures. Summer 2018. Breaking news. Special report.”

21:38 Poland. Just two weeks ago thermometers showed 32°C in the shade. The massive hurricane ran over the entire territory of Poland the same day evening.

22:49 Kazakhstan. The south-west Kazakhstan thermometers are reading off scale due to excessive heat since the beginning of July.

23:11 Georgia. On July 7, torrential rains led to floods in the Svanetia region in Georgia.

23:27 Armenia. July in Yerevan is anomalously hot.

23:38 Belarus. On the July 12 the rain showers turned Byelorussian Brest into rivers.

23:48 Afghanistan. On July 12, a landslide, which occurred due to the melting of the glacier had destroyed a natural dam in one of the areas of the Panjshir province in Afghanistan.

29:48 Indonesia. On August 5, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 occurred on the island of Lombok. Later occurred at least nine aftershocks with a maximum magnitude of 4.9.

30:57 USA. The largest in the world Steamboat geyser already erupted 8 times in the last 3 months, which became a geological puzzle for the scientists working in this area.

The climate disasters are already taking place in different parts of the planet. But who, if not we all together — us, people, can stretch out the helping hand to each other when in trouble .


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