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«World is one family» वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् H.E.Mr. Manoj Bharti. India ambassador to Ukraine.Interview

In the International research project “The Universal Grain” participants, volunteers of ALLATRA International public movement, continue the search of the unifying grains of Truth, which exist in every religion and teaching, we find the proof of the fact that Spiritual knowledge is common for all. One of the unique cultures, which has preserved the rich heritage of ancestors, is Indian culture. Which spiritual grains lie in the knowledge of ancient people? Which scientific notions were known thousands of years ago? How people understood the meaning of life? These and other topics we will discuss today with the Indian diplomat, His Excellency Manoj Kumar Bharti.

Mr. Bharti has kindly explained us the main idea of his new book called "Understanding Indian philosophy through modern science" and gave an interesting deep explanation to the well-known Indian philosophical concepts, such as Samadhi, Karma, Sat (The ultimate Truth) and others.

Thousands of people from different countries of the world take part in "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. An explanatory video of “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project:

"God is One. ALLATRA unites"- unifying video, showing that people of different cultures, ages, nationalities, from all over the world share common humane values and understandings:

Official website of ALLATRA International Public Movement:
E-mail: info@allatra.org

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  1. Полина

    Как хорошо, что есть перевод этого интервью). Как раз можно сбросить знакомым в других странах))) Спасибо большое)))

  2. Serhii Khalymon

    Cool, it’s so awesome that people are interested in this knowledge! Thank you for such great interview!!!

  3. Denis Fabrichkin

    It is very important to understand that we are one family!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Иван Кашуба

    Thanks for the joyful interview!

  5. Nikita Pavlov

    Thank you! Vary interesting!

  6. Оля Просто

    Thank you!

  7. Анатолий Ручка

    Such a great interview, again it is prove to us that people can and should unite. Thanks to book Allatra I know how we can do it.

  8. irina pranji

    Super! Thanks, this is great!

  9. Виктория Вакуленко

    We are one family😍 in every culture we can find something in common, we just call it differently, using different words. But the meaning is the same. It’s so inspiring😊

  10. Павел Дзюба

    Thank you! All we need is love.

  11. Михаил Леонов

    Very intetesting video. Love and feeling connecting people. Actually, we are in unity.

  12. Спасибо большое за такое интересное и вдохновляющее интервью,
    И мудрому дядьке в особенности 🙂 много интересного узнал, как в индийской философии понимается высшее измерение и ещё что обратил внимание на статуэтку (символ) 🙂
    Благодарю 🙂

  13. Ivan Smirnov

    Thank you

  14. Alisa Zagorskaya

    Thank you) This was unexpected!

  15. Елена Шевцова

    This is an amazing interview !! A huge thanks to Allatra TV and Mr. Bharti. We are all one big family. All people are striving for light, good, happiness and LOVE! Our God is LOVE!

  16. Nadiia Panchishna

    Really important knowledge about world, thank you

  17. Olga Schmidt

    A lot interesting information in this interview. Thank you ALLATRA TV and Mr. Manoj Bharti for sharing this knowledge. It is great to see that all religions have the same Universal Grains. Great explanation of the Indian philosophical concepts.

  18. Aleksandra Grynevych

    Thank you for such deep, filled with love and knowledge interview! I really feel like we are one. I’m happy to see and hear people all over the world being intelligent, able to feel and analyze the history, religions and true values of our life on this planet.

  19. Сергей Черный

    Very deep and interesting interview!! May God bless all of us to realize the True Values of Life and Humanity!!

    Love and Thankfulness🌸⭐️

  20. Evgeni Shudra

    Это очень интересно! Спасибо огромное!

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