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When you do GOOD – LOVE multiplies. Good News on ALLATRA TV channel

“When you are Spiritually Free, you cannot be idle – it’s impossible: you have the strength, the desire, and the aspiration. When you feel this Love, it inflames in you – it is an inconceivably bright warmth that you want to share. And you will share it, because it’s impossible to hold it in yourself. And then it multiplies.”

And these words, uttered by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, are proved by real actions of people from different countries.

In this episode of Good News:

Simple spiritual tools for working on oneself, which are available and easy to understand for everyone, are given in the programme “Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship Within Yourself”, with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Zhanna, and Tatiana. It is a real possibility for each Human being. It is very simple to become an Angel here and now.

In different cities and countries, volunteers of good will seek to share Primordial Knowledge about the world and human being, which are set forth in the books by Anastasia Novykh, as well as in the programmes with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, to share it with as many people as possible. They use different ways to convey the Knowledge: advertisements, book presentations, verbal transmission of information, social networks and YouTube channel postings.

In Romny (Sumy Region) the participants of ALLATRA IPM organized a meeting with readers and all the people who want to learn about the books by Anastasia Novykh.

People of all ages, nationalities, professions, and faiths who felt the importance of Primordial Knowledge for each person, now share information about the AllatRa book with sincere inspiration.
Thanks to lively enthusiasm of the General Director of the Vocation in Slovakia Internet portal’, the AllatRa book appeared in `Forbes` magazine, in the article `Which books the TOP-5 Slovak leaders recommend`.

The participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement from different countries and cities held a range of workshops at the Coordination Center and shared their professional expertise to allow more people to join the creative activity — spreading the Primordial Knowledge.

The #allatraistravelling flash mob was launched on Instagram social network.

A separate brochure with the fragment from the AllatRa book about the SOUL was published in Europe in English language.

The newspaper “Seed of Knowledge” has been published in English language in Ireland.

An international meeting of participants of the Movement took place in Frankfurt am Main city, Germany. It united a large number of people from different European countries, who strive to implement creative Good Deeds.

Showing care for one’s neighbor, several figurines of schoolchildren were set up at pedestrian crossings in the village of Sviato-Petrovske, Ukraine. They serve as light reflectors. This helps drivers to be vigilant on the road.

ALLATRA IPM participants were invited to the presentation of the music video of the French-Ukrainian singer Paul Manandise.

The Second International Pyramid experiment on the transmission of information at a distance was held at the ALLATRA International Public Movement’s Coordination Center. See more in the next episode of GOOD NEWS.

Programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov on ALLATRA TV

Books by ANASTASIA NOVYKH for all those who thirst to know the Truth

ALLATRA International Public Movement website

ALLATRA TV email: info@allatra.tv

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  1. Maria Martynova

    Thank you for so good news from ALLATRA IPM! ALLATRA unites people around the globe, people from different countries and social status, who read the book AllatRa and found the true meaning of life!

  2. Good News!!!
    I like it! Thank`s )))

  3. Мария Ярош

    Thanks a lot for such nice video! Good thought and good deed give rise to a chain reaction of good thoughts and good deeds❤

  4. Excellent news AllatRa touching the consciousness of humanity all over the Planet. Very well done video, great translation. Thank you!!

  5. Olga Schmidt

    Thank you for another episode of the GOOD NEWS in English. It is great to see so many ALLATRA IPM volunteers around the world, who are doing such good deeds.

  6. Olga Schmidt

    It is such a great idea to have positive and inspiring motivators around the city, in hospitals, on buses. The world needs more positive examples! Also, #allatraistraveling is a fun idea!

  7. Great good news! Thank you AllatRa TV team)

  8. Aleksandra Grynevych

    Thank you so much for so inspiring episode and so many positive people who do good and share positive way of life!

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