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«We are united by one goal – to find who we really are.» Very The Jerry. Interview on ALLATRA TV

In a friendly atmosphere of ALLATRA TV studio we had an interesting conversation with Jerry – hip hop performer and musician from Nigeria. Jerry participates in such musical projects as Very The Jerry and Drum & Tuba Band. Jerry has shared with ALLATRA TV his understandings of unity and friendship in the team. He has explained, how people involved in common activity, can feel each other without words, because the inner, the spiritual unites everyone. With a great pleasure Jerry has joined The Universal Grain of ALLATRA IPM project and expressed his feelings about what is internally common for all people around the world in spite of race, nationality and religious beliefs. Jerry is convinced that for all of us the common thing is the purpose of our life: to cognize, who you really are and find your own internal spiritual path. “Spirituality unites” – emphasized Jerry.

Thousands of people from different countries of the world take part in "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. An explanatory video of “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project:

"God is One. ALLATRA unites"- unifying video, showing that people of different cultures, ages, nationalities, from all over the world share common humane values and understandings:

Official website of ALLATRA International Public Movement:
E-mail: info@allatra.org

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  1. Ivan Smirnov

    Thank you

  2. Vladislav Tvilinyov

    Hey. Positive man!

  3. Мой Белгород

    Amazing interview! Spirituallity unites, Love unites indeed! 🙂
    It’s so grand that such singers and musicians can share their inner experience and understnding with many people! Both through their creative work and through such interviews.
    Thank you Very The Jerry! Thank you, ALLATRA TV!

  4. this video is AWESOME! so fancy and creative!

  5. Sergii Diachenko

    Thank you very much for such a sincere and open interview in AllatraTV studio. It was very interesting to know more about Very the Jerry and Drum & Tuba Band, as well as a very feeling experience about the spiritual path and unity! Looking forward to see you again 🙂

  6. Nadiia Panchishna

    Thank you, wonderful person!

  7. Елена Шевцова

    Thanks to ALLATRA TV! It is very interesting to learn about people from all over the planet. And it is amazing that the geography of the interview on the channel ALLATRA TV is expanding. All People are striving for Love and no matter from what point of the planet they are!

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