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Urgent News 8. A series of catastrophes. The threat of a supervolcano in Italy. There is a way out!

How much time does Italy have before cataclysms?
When will the local residents be forced to leave their homes? Emergency warning levels of eruption danger. The urgent events in Italy are commented on by the volcanologist, Doctor of Sciences Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo.

Earthquakes in California on March 22 and April 5. Report by an eyewitness. What happened near the coast of California.
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in Papua New Guinea. A series of catastrophes caused not only serious damage and loss of human life, but it united many people around a general misfortune. Mutual aid, humanity and kindness were able to unite people from different tribes into a single family. Medical treatment centers were organized. People understand the importance of helping their neighbours .

It's time to think about the future, no one is safe from the upcoming climatic events. While still in relatively calm conditions, it is important for us all to unite on the basis of creativity and mutual assistance, we must prepare ourselves for what's coming, because the most important thing is to remain human in any situation!

Unique programme “It is Coming”

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to
Solve These Problems”

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    It is very important information for all us, thank you so much!!!

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    «Only those who unites on a different understanding will be able to survive….when people take decisive steps…they will be able to unite, they will be able to resist..»

  5. Maria Martynova

    «Then it will not be scary when some people move from one point of the planet to another. We will find room everywhere…the main thing is the everyone is alive and fed, and everyone is in love…This is possible only if an understanding is reached in every family, in every person..and when all of humanity become one family…this is possible only based on the Truth, on Love, on thrue spiritual freedom..»

  6. Maria Martynova

    «How much time does Italy have before cataclysms?» How much time the whole world has before cataclysms? The information given in this program is very important for all humanity. Thank you for the thrue information about the situation in Italy, thanks a lot for inspiring examples of unity of people around the world! Thank you for covering the news from Papua New Guinea — the country needs help and being in this terrible situation they show the real example of how to be human even during the hard times. It s what we need — to be humans, to love each other and on basis of this understandigs, as Igor Mikhailovich said in the program «It s coming.Се грядет» we must take decisive steps, by uniting, to be ready to what is coming.

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  13. Super volcanoes are a very likely danger because earthquakes in Italy are very close to the surface.

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    Guys thank you very much for your work! Each video gives us a new understanding about necessity of hard work on yourself every day, every minute! Thanks to all participants from different countries who realize the need to unite and who send new videos, share useful information!! We all need this, just not everyone has realized it 🙂 not yet 🙂

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