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Natalia and Samantha from Canada speak up about the most important humane values in society and share that it is important for people to help and support each other, to stand up for the Truth. What can you personally do in order to live in a kinder society? How do we live in friendship? If we can help at least one person, that person can tell another person and then the word can spread on around the world. After all, it is up to each of us to create a society that is kinder and humane. It’s time to speak up for the Truth!

This and much more in the video review by Natalia and Samantha within the framework of the project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY” on the platform of ALLATRA IPM.

The international social project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY”:

Watch the video “The Story of My Slavery”:

We will be happy to receive your feedback and hear your opinion:

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4 комментария

  1. ЮЛИЯ Владимировна

    Very important project! Thank you girls for telling your point of view😊. This is good example of how not to be indifferent to this problem in society.

  2. Tatyana Motsna

    I absolutely agree that a big issue is that we in usual day keep quiet when we see what is not normal in human society and by our quietness we give a go to that, and we should naturally express our true position. No double standards of consciousness in oneself — no double standards of consciousness in society!

  3. Елена Шевцова

    Thank you!!!

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