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The Second Pyramid Experiment. News of science and culture. Friendship based on ALLATRA.Good News 68

The Second Pyramid Experiment. News of science and culture. The friendship based on ALLATRA. Good News 68

Unity of people of goodwill regardless of their location on the Earth on the basis of spiritual and moral values makes it possible to contribute to the development of modern science and culture, to exchange experience at international meetings, to continue the chain of Good Deeds in the dissemination of Primordial Knowledge throughout the world.

In this edition of the Good News:

On September 29th, 2018, will take place the Second International PYRAMID experiment on telepathic transmission of information at a distance to as many people as possible, regardless of their location on the planet. Our goal is to continue exploring the unified information field of the Earth and its operating principles. In this experiment, the more powerful settings of the PYRAMID apparatus will be applied.

You can register in the experiment on the web-site

A meeting of ALLATRA International Public Movement participants was held in Atlanta. Many ALLATRA participants came to this meeting from different states, as well as from Canada and Ukraine.
During the meeting people were getting acquainted with each other, sharing the experience in implementation of ALLATRA IPM projects.

The volunteers of ALLATRA TV Lvov visited the Third annual festival of Humane Pedagogics. The event was attended by approximately 700 teachers from 23 regions of Ukraine, and also participants from Croatia and Netherlands. The topic of the event touched on the question of interaction in the sphere of pedagogics based on the spiritually-moral values and family relations.

In keeping with the nice tradition of spreading the Primordial Knowledge, the participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement from Gomel city in the Republic of Belarus, presented the Lenin Gomel regional universal library with sets of books by the contemporary writer Anastasia Novykh where you can find answers to vital many questions.
Download books by Anastasia Novykh in different languages:

The volunteers of ALLATRA International Public Movement in Saint Petersburg have been participating in the UNIVERSAL GRAIN research project. The task of this project is to find common grains not only in the world religions but also in ancient, almost forgotten beliefs of the ancestors.

The project of ALLATRA International Public Movement “The Universal Grain”

Email: info@allatra.tv

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  1. Вера Кондратенко

    Здорово, что это видео выходит на разных языках и о этом эксперименте узнает больше людей.

  2. Андрій Верешко

    Thank you!))
    we are the one big family)

  3. Eugenia Guschak


  4. Антон Куд

    Thanks Allatra.tv ))) 😉👍

  5. Елена Гаврильченко

    Благодарность Аллатра ТВ за новости и информацию,которая выходит на разных языках.

  6. Пантелеймон

    Actually its very interesting and important experiment for science and humanity, thank you.

  7. Allatra Dobro

    Thank you))

  8. Ладаслава

    Спасибо за этот выпуск, о таком замечательном эксперименте нужно знать всем!)

  9. Aibek Alikulov

    Скоро людям, ненужны будут телефоны 😁

  10. Станислав Цоллер

    Thank you, really interesting experiment)) will try my possibilities))

  11. Солнечное утро

    Thank you for the Good News. I will definitely take part in the second Pyramid experiment. It seemed to me that only psychics could transmit and read thoughts. Will I be able to do that, I wonder?

  12. Алексей Богданченко


  13. Alina FEDOROVA

    It is awesome to see kind people all over the world to unite, to speak up, to share their deep feelings of love, of mutual respect and understanding to the others. AllatRa knowledge is the pearl of Wisdom. We are blessed to have a chance to learn this knowledge, to change ourselves. The more kind people will understand their divine origin of endless love, the better these world will be. Our kids will live in the world which we will leave them. All answers are given in AllatRa book and videos of AllatRa TV.

  14. Валентина Гранкова

    Очень важно, чтобы с этой информацией ознакомилось как можно больше людей. Это даст возможность каждому желающему поучаствовать в эксперименте «Пирамида» и внести свой посильный вклад. Спасибо группе АллатРа ТВ.

  15. yay! I can not wait for this experiment, the first experiment was so much fun! Thank you so much! I am truly blessed!

  16. Veronica Zaharia

    Thank you!

  17. Yulia Zholobetskaya

    Thank youvso much for a new portion of good news and a good mood!

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