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The Second International PYRAMID Experiment on telepathic transmission of information. Sept.29, 2018

ALLATRA International Public Movement and volunteers of ALLATRA TV invite everyone who is interested to take part in the Second international PYRAMID Experiment on September 29, 2018

The essence of the Second international PYRAMID experiment is to transmit information telepathically to as many people as possible regardless of their location on the planet.

In this experiment, more powerful settings of the "PYRAMID" apparatus will be applied.
Our goal is to continue exploring the unified information field of the Earth and its operating principles .

ALLATRA International Public Movement is an international volunteer organization, uniting people of good will all over the world. You may find detailed information on the activity of our organization at official website:

Everyone who wishes may take part in the PYRAMID experiment on the telepathic transmission of symbols.

To do this, you need to: fill out the form on ALLATRA.TV web-site or send your request to email: znaki@allatra.tv

The First International Pyramid Experiment on telepathic transmission of information at a distance was conducted on April 28, 2018. You can see the results at ALLATRA TV website:

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  1. Julia Fedorova

    Thank you! I will participate 👍 it’s so exciting!

  2. Veronica Zaharia

    Thanks to a great experiment and really very interesting, I will definitely participate in the second time too!

  3. Tatyana Motsna

    Great opportunity to get to kow more about world we`re living in. I`m participating!

  4. Eugenia Guschak

    Thank you! I will participate!!!))

  5. Alexandro Lex

    I’m going to participate!

  6. Cool)) +1))

  7. Муха Мухов

    Коды, не у Свердлова позаимствовали

  8. Георгий Мирный

    А где на русском?! Где?

  9. Георгий Мирный

    А где на русском?! Где?

  10. Nikita Pavlov


  11. Ігор Гордієнко

    Thanks to the new experiment.

  12. Фокс кудымов

    Thanks 🙏 👨‍💻🔼

  13. 00:51: Tell this woman not to dress herself like a prostitute, please.

  14. GREAT!
    Nice possibility to exam yourself.
    I’ll participate!

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