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THE DISCOVERER OF SKYFISH — JOSE ESCAMILLA. Episode 2. Within The Limits Of Reality

What do skyfish (rods) eat? Are they dangerous for us? What is the best way to shoot skyfish on camera?
The discoverer and leading researcher in studying skyfish — Mr.Jose Escamilla answers these and other questions.
He kindly agreed to give an exclusive interview to the viewers of ALLATRA TV and share his knowledge.

Official e-mail of the project: reality@allatra.tv

International Volunteer Internet Channel ALLATRA TV:

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  1. Stephen Сlean

    Bardzo dziękuję ciekawa jest informacja o skyfiszach, generalnie to jest bardzo aktualna wiedza w naszym czasie

  2. Наталья Мар

    Wow! very interesting information!

  3. wow, this is so so cool, I really wish skyfish are not dangerous to us​ like Jose said! Can’t wait to see his movies 🙂

  4. AirForce720 Ono

    I watched this in original version,I told someone people about, show them prove but don’t believe me also. This video is a good to go global! Thanks AllatRa TV Science for translating in ENGLISH.

  5. It would be nice if official science drew attention to these phenomena, skayfish.

  6. Антон Куд


  7. Андрей Кузьмин

    Сool !!!

  8. Oleksandra Kalinina

    I’m pretty sure Sky fishes exist and we don’t understand how and why they live. We don’t know anything about invisible world.

  9. Great. This is a new level. Good luck to you. Looking forward to more videos.

  10. Yaroslav Krylov

    Thanks for an interesting topic. I hear about it for the first time.

  11. Alexander Zakurko

    Cognitive video! Information about the «Invisible world» which is unknown to us. It is indeed within the Limits Of Reality. Thanks to Jose Escamilla — the pioneer in discovering of skyfish!

  12. Thank you for this interview!

  13. Алёна Г.

    Woow, finally something serious about skyfish! I’m so glad to see Mr. Jose Escamilla on ALLATRA TV 🙂 ALLATRA volunteers have done a big work to create such amazing and full of usefull info programmes. Big thanks to u guys, keep going !

  14. Tatyana Motsna

    Thank you so much! We have life form all near us and nobody tells about it?! What is the purpose of science then??? Great thanks to ALLATRA SCIENCE for opening this subject and for acquaintance with Jose Escamilla.

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