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THE CATASTROPHE. Sudden volcanic eruptions: GUATEMALA and HAWAII


Sudden volcanic eruptions in GUATEMALA (Fuego) and HAWAII (Kilauea), increasing changes of global disasters around the world confirm once again that climate on the planet is rapidly changing.

Watch next in this special report:

— The most powerful eruption of VOLCÁN DE FUEGO since 1902 and the evacuation of the residents.

— Volcanic ash from Fuego destroys everything on its way.

— Warning of scientists about the hazard of Kilauea volcano explosion in Hawaii and the emergence of a giant tsunami

— Significant increase in seismic activity in the area of the Ring of Fire.

— All this shows the unwillingness of people to resist the extreme phenomenon of nature

Events taking place give an understanding of the value of human life and the importance of uniting all people, finding ways to solve these problems.

For more details watch a unique programme: "Се грядёт. It is coming"

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Or read the Report “About problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways of solving these problems”

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  1. Teya Davitaia

    Indeed, we all have something to think about! In the video, it was said about activation of the Pacific ring of fire. And look, today, on June 22 the volcano in Nicaragua was activated. People are writing in the comment «one more? why?» and say that specialists cannot give an accurate answer to this question. Thank you for all ALLATRA TV volunteers who create these episodes of Climate Breaking news! You give the overall understanding of what really happening on the planet. And what is more important that the questions which arise in many people «what should we do? what can I do personally in the view of global climate catastrophes?» — it has been answered in the program «It is Coming» on ALLATRA TV. Thank you for everything you do!

  2. Valentina Teslenko Chelkovan

    The eruption of Fuego in Guatemala was a surprise to people.Are people ready for he future?

  3. Виталий ВНик

    Thank you! Very useful information allows people all over the world to understand that only the unity of humanity will survive all the cataclysms.

  4. Человек о человеке

    Thank you very much for the information. There are few channels that show what really happens to the climate. Thanks for your channel

  5. Recently, volcanoes have become active in the area of the ring of fire. This is really true

  6. Игорь Матросов

    I subscribed to your channel. You post a lot of interesting videos

  7. Роман Матвеев

    Thank you, the information that makes you think. An important topic of uniting people. From personal experience I saw that, despite demonstrative selfishness, if something happens, then in the overwhelming majority of people there is a desire to help one’s neighbor, to preserve, despite themselves, their own interests, in spite of the risk and danger. It remains to learn in ordinary life also to keep clean and overcome egoism)

  8. Thanks for informing about current situation in the world and showing how actually people can unite

  9. I took part in making of this report. I believe it is vitally important to be aware of what is actually happening on our planet, our mutual home. And about what is coming.
    These are no longer local or country-wide events. Africa continent breaking up, multiple faults appearing around the planet, volcanoes of the Ring of Fire waking up — the picture of global climatic changes becomes clearer thanks to ALLATRA TV, scientists, eyewitnesses and volunteer reporters around the planet.
    So I joined ALLATRA.TV . I think it’s the right thing to do.
    Only by uniting humanity has a chance to live through what is coming. God bless!

  10. Вячеслав Агашин

    The information provided here is very important. There is no time to waste. These eruptions haven’t been predicted and there are lots of victims. Isn’t it clear that if people would keep sitting and waiting for their government to care about them and at the same time wouldn’t do anything for uniting the last and the only one chance to survive will be lost. Only in unity our last chance to overcome the times of global climate change!

  11. Julia Gerner

    Thank you breaking news team for giving us the information. It brings me once more to remember what the real value of our lives is and to look into myself how ready I am spiritually for changing.

  12. Антон Куд


  13. Иван Кашуба

    Visual statistics give an internal understanding of the real situation and the awareness of the ease of people union. Indeed, simple pure love elevates and cleanses people’s attitudes and unites us on the basis of goodness, honor, honesty and good deeds, launching a chain of new good deeds around the world!

  14. Оля Просто

    Thank you very much for informing me! It is now necessary to learn to everyone just to survive all together! Unite in good and respect. Thank AllatRa TV for informing!

  15. Анастасия Флягина

    Thank you for this crucial information! It is exactly what is important to know about what is happening now in Hawaii and Gvatemala.

  16. Дима Добров

    We can clearly notice a tendency in the events happening for the past few months. Country by country, nation by nation humanity slowly gets involved in a stubborn irrevocable reality of daily catastrophes. It is now when we have a chance to change the route of this highway. Unity of people is a key to our survival. No matter what the one should remain a Human. Thanks for informing us, you are doing a great job!

  17. Виктория Вакуленко

    Day by day we observe climate changes all over the world. Volcano by volcano wakes up. Time to think about the meaning of life and unite together. Thank you all team for informing us and inspire to help others.

  18. Полина

    I’ve read that many volcanoes become active in the Ring of Fire area which means it’s just the beginning. Thank you for updates.

  19. In everyday routine I did not have time to look outside the window and find out what is happening around me, but the release of Breaking News shows that climate changes are serious and people should unite to be prepared to resist the extreme phenomenon of nature. Thank you for highlighting this.

  20. Алена Грищенко

    How much this material world is fragile. Recently, I often ask myself, can I be the person who can help at a difficult moment? What do I already do for this? In order to unite with people. To see a person in a person. Don’t listen to consciousness, it always divides. I really want our world to become better, and this primarily depends on everyone. Thanks Allatra TV for such releases. It is very important to show good examples of uniting people.

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