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Presentations of Books by A. Novykh. ALLATRA project «Good is Where You Are» newspaper. Good News 72

Good News are not just joyful, positive and full of goodness events — it is, first and foremost, people! Participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement implement projects that are socially significant and important for raising spirituality in our society. People from different cities, countries, and continents unite in order to disseminate positive information, popularize real humane values, and emphasize the importance of inner work on oneself, thanks to which ALLATRA TV regularly receives amazing and inspiring news in its mailbox!

In this episode:
• Presentation of the books written by Anastasia Novykh in Almaty, Kazakhstan. An example of collaboration/teamwork and selfless aspiration to share the Knowledge that changes a person’s life.

• The Second International PYRAMID experiment. Continuation of sensational research experiments with the aim of studying the possibility of telepathic transmission of information at a distance as well as of a unified information field of the planet. Utilization of more powerful settings of the unique PYRAMID apparatus and the unexpected results of the experiment.

• The project “Good is Where You Are” newspaper has united many people by the idea of a new format of print media, which carries only well-meaning information that promotes strengthening of morality, kindness, and honesty in people. Comments by project participants.

• ALLATRA Movement participants attended the good deeds fair in Angarsk. They not only gave a gift of books by Anastasia Novykh to the House of Culture and the city Mayor, but also found out from the other fair participants in open and sincere conversation what true Love means to them.

ALLATRA TV email: info@allatra.tv

Programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov on ALLATRA TV

CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive. (English Subtitles)

Books by ANASTASIA NOVYKH for all those who thirst to know the Truth

ALLATRA International Public Movement website

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  1. Ivan Smirnov

    Really good news! Thank you!

  2. Наталия Жаборовская


  3. Надежда Лещенко


  4. Oksana Lotos

    Lots of thanks for this inspiring news! The presentation of books by Anastasia Novykh in Kazakhstan was really motivating to do something good for people! The good deeds fair in Angarsk felt warm and cozy. And I also liked the idea with the next ALLATRA project- it’s the newspaper ‘Good is Where You Are’- it’s really awesome as we lack positive mass media information! Now we have it 🙂

  5. Elena McGlone

    This program show how few people can do a lot

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