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Natalya Zhigailo, Professor, Ph.D. about THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN film: LOVE is the essence of everyone!

Natalya Zhigailo, Doctor of Psychology, Ph.D., Professor of the IVAN FRANKO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF LVIV shares her impressions after watching film THE CHOICE of THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN social research project of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

Dr. Zhigailo reveals the uniqueness of the film as for the person and the scientist. It is a visual reflection of people's true opinion, a large-scale sociological survey, reflection of the inner nature of people and opportunities of the society.

"If love rules among people we will have neither wars, nor misunderstandings, but we will have harmony, peace and grace. All the participants of the project THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN. Part one. Film THE CHOICE confirm this — that people are united with that which can not break them apart: it`s Love. "

The first film THE CHOICE of THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN project inspired and resonated with the internal understanding of spectators, interview and sociological surveys paticipants, and participants of the film's creation. People share their impressions, feelings, understandings after watching a movie and the process of creating it.


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  1. Елена Шевцова

    I thank ALLATRA TV and Professor Natalya Zhigailo! Natalia’s eyes shine on the interview! THE CHOICE of THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN unites, inspires, lights human souls and eyes!

  2. Oksana Lotos

    Very positive interview with the Doctor of Psychology- thanks a lot! Natalya shares her feelings about the film ‘The Universal Grain. The Choice’ so sincerely that it makes me wish to watch this film again! 🙂 Thanks a lot, ALLATRA TV!! It’s true that LOVE is the essence of everyone!

  3. Мой Белгород

    Great interview!
    Very greatful who joined together to have it released in English.
    It so enlightning that Professor speaks so openly on the topic of spirituality and shares her ideas so sincerely. Much love in this person!)?

  4. Nikita Pavlov

    thanks! great!

  5. Мария Ярош

    Thanks to all the project participants!

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