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MAGIC OF DESIRES. Games of the Visible and the Invisible Worlds. Release 3

In modern society, the theme of desires and dreams is widely popularized.. But no one mentions what a terrible price one has to pay for using magic.

After all, a desire is precisely a magical action.

Wish card, visualization of your dreams — a wonderful way to "solve" all the problems and "get anything you want," or is it an insidious deception, an illusion of possessing matter at the cost of life? Where do desires come from?
Who inserts them in person's consciousness?
To whom does a person address in prayers asking for material benefits?
What is practical magic in everyday life?
And what is the price paid for it by a person who is seduced by the momentary desires of matter?

Personal experience of a person who has experienced the destructiveness of the magic of desires. In the programme "Games of the Visible and the Invisible Worlds.

CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive

Illusion and the Way. The Truth is One for Everyone. Release 2

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  1. Наталия Жаборовская

    Very interesting! Thanks! This is a very relevant topic for many people.

  2. Larysa Tymoshkevych

    Тhank you very much for the great programme «Games of the Visible and the Invisible Worlds». It’s really very interesting!!!

  3. Eugenia Guschak

    Thank’s!!! ❤

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