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«Kindness is the most important virtue» Mrs. Anamika Bharti, art historian, diplomat. Interview

Today we are honored to have a sincere conversation with Mrs. Anamika Bharti, Spouse of H.E. Mrs. Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador of India to Ukraine. Ms. Bharti, as an art historian and diplomat with experience of living in seven countries, shared with the ALLATRA TV pearls of inspirational Indian wisdom, the meaning of symbols and signs in art and architecture, as well as a deep understanding of common universal grains that unite people around the world.

"To grow as a society, to grow as a person, we should not look into differences, but we should look into similarities", — Mrs. Bharti emphasized. The collective of ALLATRA TV expresses gratitude to Mrs. Anamika Bharti and all her helpers and friends for the warm welcome at the residence and for the deep, interesting communication!

Within the framework of the "UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project, ALLATRA TV had an interesting conversation about Indian philosophy, science and the spiritual values of society with H.E. Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador of India to Ukraine:

Thousands of people from different countries of the world take part in "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. An explanatory video of “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project:

"God is One. ALLATRA unites"- unifying video, showing that people of different cultures, ages, nationalities, from all over the world share common humane values and understandings:

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  1. Алина Митас

    What an amazing person! Got so much pleasure from this interview. I liked both the questions were asked and the wise answers of Mrs Bharti. Thank you very much!

  2. AirForce720 Ono

    What an awesome amazing interview! Warm and honest! I like the questions and love the answers of Mrs. Bharti! I feel like a want to hug all AllatRa TV people and share the love with rest of humans. Big respect for this video.i love it!

  3. Tatyana Motsna

    Thanks a lot! `Ve got enjoyed the interview)))) So warm and shining!

  4. Ivan Smirnov

    Thank you

  5. Фокс кудымов

    Спасибо 😉

  6. Полина Новицкая

    Such a beautiful thing! Thank you very much for this kind, sunshien and lovely video! I feel beautiful after that=D All the things Anamika has said are so close to me, close to everybody… Our World is getting better and better every day) Thank AllatRa TV and Anamika for this video/ Thank God for his beautiful Life)

  7. It is such a inspiring interview’! So colourfull, deep in sense and transcultural. Not only the picture, but also the content, the massage from feelings=)

  8. Елена Шевцова

    Thank you! Very warm and sincere conversation! It is always interesting to know what people of different cultures, nationalities live. Our planet is very beautiful! So many amazing cultures, people! We are all a big family! We all strive for Kindness, Love, God!

  9. Julia Gerner

    Thank you for this interview! It was very interesting and informative. I’m happy to know that there are so good people in our world.

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