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IT IS COMING. СЕ ГРЯДЁТ. English version


Participants of the programme:
Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Igor Vladimirovich Naumets, Anna Dubrovskaya, Andrei Kovtunov

Inevitability of the serious upcoming climate changes, the global nature and magnitude of which one can see today over the whole planet, makes everyone face the necessity of the personal choice. Already in the nearest future, THIS will concern everyone.

The unknown history of the past, knowledge of which gives an understanding of the tomorrow (the cycle is repeating itself). International initiatives of the “ALLATRA” Public Movement. “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project is a common cause, which continues to unite a lot of people on the planet, regardless of their nationality and religion.

Informing people about those upcoming catastrophic natural processes which in the nearest future will become a reality for certain countries and continents.

What have you done today so that you and your near and dear ones have a chance to survive tomorrow?

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

ALLATRA International Public Movement


Official website of the international social research project “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN”:

Official email address of the project “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN”:

ALLATRA TV — international volunteer television


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  1. Макос Украина

    Thank you very much for translating this program into English.

  2. Angelina Angel

    Very important for all people!!! Thank you very much!

  3. This programme warns us about the coming catastrophic events which can be solved only by all people together. Thank you for this very important conversation! I’m going to do all my best to help people during the hard times.

  4. Михаил Леонов

    Thank you very much for translation, it’s very important for us

  5. Diana Sahibnazarova

    yay! thank you !

  6. Tatyana Motsna

    Thank you so mutch! It`s really of vital importance and everyone should khow this information.

  7. Really it´s coming. And it´s serious. But we all have the Choise. All of us. Thank you for spreading the information.

  8. Olga Schmidt

    The information given in this program is very important. Everyone needs to know what is coming. Thank you for spreading the Truth!

  9. Sophia Mahmud MD


  10. Oksana Lotos

    Yeah, the prophecies are coming true… Our civilization is really going through a cyclic period — 13, 000 yesrs… Osmanagich has told about that, many artefacts… The US, Japan, China, Italy… and not just these countries- the whole planet will be involved in the inevitable climatic changes. It’ll really concern everyone. But how will we react- like animals or like human beings- that is a question! If we help each other, then we’ll have a chance- like Bereke said. Thanks a lot for the most vital information! Thank you all for the hints and direct question — What are YOU personally doing to unite the people???

  11. Sergii Diachenko

    Thank you very much! This is really important information about climate change on the Planet. And people have to know that, have to understand how can we all unite together and help each other in this time.

  12. Alina FEDOROVA

    This is the truth which can turn the history upside down: facts from unknown history, truth about global climate changing. Selfishness has been poisoning most of us for such a long time, sadly. There is still a possibility for us, people, to change circumstances which can seem unavoidable. Humanity, which will be able to unite, CAN survive. By means of LOVE and RECONCILIATION.  
    What has each of us done today for uniting all people in front of disasters which are happening already now in OUR world? Each of us can start at least by little steps — stop seeing competitors in another person and start feeling that we are all united from the birth. When people meet a grief or sorrow they all start to post on Facebook «Pray for us». Why don’t all of us start with personal spiritual development already today? What prevents us from praying for our souls already now. Never-ending material wishes? Ambitions to possess more and more material assets? It seems important to us. But this is just one of the illusions of the material system. The truth is when you watch youtube videos from the cities which overcame earthquakes, you see people out in the streets — barefoot, they have nothing, not even passports, but they all organise groups, they help each other, they start to see a friend or a brother in the other person. Thank you for this film, it gives a strong motivation to reconsider life priorities and to choose a different way of living, of connections with people around and other values, which are out of material range.

  13. This is so sad! We need courage, not hope, to face the climate change!!!!

  14. хега хега

    Thanks for English version. This is really important info for people. I couldn’t believable for some time until it became our reality all over the world.

  15. Joanne DeHerrera

    We are One. No matter what religion one is; we are all humans first. Fact is: it is not too late for mankind to make it through this ClimateChange, climate madness, the world’s greed. Greed will try to kill mankind, but mankind can make it and thrive. We must unite…

  16. I can tell you what’s wrong with the world in two words… CORPORATE GREED!!!

    • FuelEfficiency

      Sound Media: Agreed, the EU Crooks and usAgents will fail, God shall Freeze them. Since 1815, Rothschild manipulated Gold, Bonds, stocks, and troop in their Waterloo war, they installed EVIL in High Places to deceive and steal from all races. How funny, Thieves call themselves the Government BS.

    • FuelEfficiency

      Ricky Ricardo = Bad judge. No, it’s their EU crooks and usAgents contriving to provide Gov’t Service FRAUD, War Fraud, Terrorism Fraud, etc.

    • TheGrimReaper

      Z I o n I s t   I s r a e l

    • thats just an outward manifestation @ sound media. yew are looking with the wrong eyes

    • sylvia koziarski

      I can tell you what is wrong. The sin in mans hearts. In a word, SIN! Man has turned their backs on God.

  17. Rainee Aroha

    excelleration is due to societies lifestyle…Work work work longer hours two jobs trying to survive, pay bills a mortgage, juggling family, children, school, sport, suffering illness, health, broken families, seperated from supports, single parents; everyone stressed, pressure to work stay on top of everything. Go live on a deserted island off the grid. throw away phones tv computors. Dont read the fake news. Keep your family close connect to friends who are similar. Pray to whoever, whatever makes you feel good.

  18. live your life, be a s good as you can, evil will always be here, only GOD knows when the last days will come, all empires and civilizations fell when morals went by the wayside……….stamp out Evil in your self first…………remember a thousand years is but a day to GOD…………as long as there is any good left in HIS children on this planet, i think he will not close the book so fast !

  19. Jared Williams

    It’s not global warming it’s a global warning from the God of life and creator of all things seen. Earth is His garden and we are the seed planted for His pleasure. We are diseased, we are sick, we are never satisfied or grateful for the life we have been given. We act like monsters to one another with our greed and selfishness. In the eyes of God we are filthy rags. But just as we plant gardens we see how the plants need special care food and water, when a plant is fragile and weak we try our best and give special care to turn that plant into something beautiful that flourishes into life. We do all this to partake of the fruit and satisfaction of harvest produced. Starting from a seed growing life, battling weather, pests and diseases. Some plants get the same care and don’t make it and are plucked and cast out of the garden. If you look at yourself as a seed God planted how could anybody say they are healthy and growing into what God expected them to be? Just as we try to save life so does God. The cure for the rotten fruit we as humans produce was given to mankind 2000 years ago. Life and truth walked this earth in the form of a man perfect in nature, peace and love. An example from Heaven to show us our faults and what’s expected in our growth here on earth. Many witnessed this beauty and instead of listening they killed what this world was in desperate need of. Hope, security, peace and love. The wicked hearts of man chose their own way and repented not when confronted by such greatness. Some thought all hope was lost but after this perfect beauty sent from Heaven was murdered He rose from the grave and showed the world that through Him life could be preserved. Without this wonder sent from Heaven forgiveness for our filthy lives is not possible. His name Is Jesus Christ. Everywhere we failed Jesus succeeded, everything unholy we wanted Jesus resisted. His purpose was to live a life worthy to save life that was lost. Jesus Christ is the creator of all things but having a free willed creation is the outcome of mankind. Come to the Cross and see the only King worth worshipping. He did it for us! believe and be freed from the fear and trembling of not knowing. Repent for turning away from your God in Heaven and trust in Him. Time is running out it’s time to run to Him and be saved from the outcome of your wickedness. This world has gone mad. Humanity is under water fighting for life, please take the hand of the Savior Jesus Christ and let Him give you rest. He did the work for you! It’s time to believe!!! I care because I was there. God saved me now my fear is gone! I tell you the truth! Give your wicked heart to Christ and you will be saved!

  20. such an essential topic for the mankind… I see in fact this changes, between the people and in the nature. We have to change ourselves- Either we will search for the uniting grains now and see that we have same soul., or we will have to make it because there will be no other way to overcome through the cataclysms. Thank you guys for reminding me of this simple truth. Thank God there are people searching for the unity =)

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