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International project of ALLATRA IPM “Good is Where You Are” newspaper. Mass media of a new format

What kind of information prevails in mass media today, such our society will become tomorrow. In the world community, there is a lack of true information about the essence of the events that are happening. In this regard, Internet technologies and the genre of journalism is a simple but effective way to spread Knowledge among the general public. But in order to use the potential of this direction, there needs to be participation of each person who came into contact with the grains of Primordial Knowledge.

At the Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement was a meeting of active participants of the project “‘Good is Where You Are” newspaper which has united people from different countries. The importance of spreading Knowledge and filling the information space with positive information was discussed at this meeting. After all, this is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of their profession, to join the creative activity in the mass media.

It is the social responsibility of every person — to start popularizing only creative information, to talk about the necessity of spreading it, about the importance for the human life to bring only creation and good to people around them, then positive changes in the world will occur immediately.

And in fact, it’s really easy to do!

Thanks to the activities of socially responsible people, the nationwide project “AllatRa Journalism” is constantly gaining momentum and spreading throughout the world by means of promotion of creative Good News. Creative journalism aims to unify the world community in a single aspiration — the spiritual and moral revival of humanity.

Presentations of the books written by Anastasia Novykh. The project by ALLATRA IPM participants "Good is Where You Are" newspaper. Good News 72


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