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Impending cataclysms. Relationships between people. Revival of Humaneness

The Truth is One for Everyone. Release topic: The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness
Unique conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

In the program release, the following subjects are discussed: the importance of unification between people prior to the forthcoming events, particularities of relations between people in society and in family, causes and solution of conflicts; freedom of choice and mutual respect; exploration of oneself and observation of illusionary games of consciousness. Why is it impossible to perceive the spiritual world through consciousness? What is spiritual egoism? What is true Love? What does the paradox of life consist in? Particularities of human spiritual emergence, and how to focus attention on and live in the spiritual world. These and many other topics are addressed in The Truth is One for Everyone program.

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