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Hurricane DORIAN: Anomalous Behaviour. Part of Bahamas is UNDER WATER. Forecasts Work no Longer?

Overview of this “Breaking News” episode:
The catastrophic hurricane DORIAN of the highest fifth category hit the Bahamas.

There are dead and missing people. The strong wind and rain destroyed and seriously damaged around 13 thousand residential buildings on the Abaco Islands.

According to professionals, a category 5 hurricane was predicted to move from the Bahamas to Florida. Instead, it practically froze over the island of Big Bahamas and stayed over it for about 24 hours, destroying and flooding most of its territory.

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  1. Александр Мартынюк

    Thank you ⭐ 🌍❤🙏🙏

  2. Hurricanes are getting stronger in both eastern and western hemispheres. Watch CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW for additional info and SOLUTION

  3. Анастасия Гончарук

    That’s would be great. Its about the last words in this video

  4. Olga Schmidt

    Thank you for this information!

  5. sanjuansteve

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    • sanjuansteve

      I’d like to offer $100 USD worth of tarps (or whatever is most urgently needed) to a hurricane Dorian victim in need of help where I could make a direct payment to a local building materials supplier happy to accept my payment/donation on their behalf.
      Quisiera ofrecer $100 USD en lonas (o lo que sea más urgentemente necesario) a una víctima del huracán Dorian que necesite ayuda para poder hacer un pago directo a un proveedor local de materiales de construcción feliz de aceptar mi pago / donación en su nombre.

  6. Wow! Such interesting observation that there is a difference in strength of climatic events and not much of damage…very strange and it is awesome that there is an answer 🙌

  7. Денис Сидько

    Let`s do it and we will enjoy in love.

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