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Hawaii. Kilauea Volcano Eruption and emergency evacuations. Special edition. It is Coming

On the Big Island of Hawaii, emergency evacuation has been announced due to an eruption of the Kilauea volcano.
The Kilauea volcano is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet. The stream of lava has reached the residential area of Leilani Estates. Mandatory evacuation has been announced in several other villages and towns of the region.

Our unplanned special release is dedicated to the disaster on the Hawaiian Islands. Today, the situation in Hawaii has sharply worsened. Near the erupting Kilauea volcano, on the night of May 5, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurred. It has become the strongest in the last 43 years.

We invite all, who would like, to join the “Breaking climate news” project. This can be done right now by writing a letter to info@allatra.tv.

Only together, having joined our efforts, we shall overcome all the challenges of time. Unification is a guarantee of survival of the entire humanity. A way out does exist!

Unique programme:”It is Coming”

Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

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  1. Иван Берус

    «Urgent, extraordinary measures are required, which can bring people together into a close-knit global family, for no one will be able to cope with the global challenges of the coming years alone, whether it be a person, a family, a company, a city or a country.»
    The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”


  3. Dmitry Kriachok

    Thank you

  4. Alisa Zagorskaya

    Thank you, its very important information… We must be more kind to other people and more serious to climate changes…

  5. Сергей Русин

    Thank you, its very important!!!

  6. if Hawaii wants help with the quakes, should speak to Chile and Japan they ave a lot of quakes experience, building good houses

  7. Полина Новицкая

    It’s coming and the situation on Hawaii is one more evident of the climate changing and those chalanges we are going to face. Thank you very much for the informing people and showing the right way. And the right way is in Unification, in Love and Respecting each other.

  8. Valentina Teslenko Chelkovan

    The nature impresses us very much every day

  9. Роман Матвеев

    A lot of volcanic eruptions recently. Hawaii, Japan, Vanuatu, Italy, Indonesia … Makes you think …

  10. Teya Davitaia

    Kilauea eruption on Hawaii has become a shock for my concsiousness if to say the truth. Before there were thoughts «what could happen in USA (or other «civilized» country) — and this is despite all catastrophes that are happening there. But thisemergency evacuation on Hawaii showes that in one day everything can change and that material values are so illusory! What always remain is Love, is being Human, is helping each others regardless of all material divisions. As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov says in the program «It is Coming» humanity still have chance to survive and the destiny of all our civilization depends on the choice of EACH person! Thank you so so much for this episode, thank you to all volunteers of ALLATRA TV, what you are doing is so important nowadays! It is time to unite right now!

  11. Сергей Черный

    Indeed situation in Hawaii again shows that serious climate disasters are not mysterious prophecies but are today’s neighborhood reality! Step by step all comes true from video “It’s coming”

    We should realize that the Time is Now to be Humans, to start Loving and caring for everyone around!

    Love and Gratefulness🌸🌸🌸

  12. Виктория Вакуленко

    Thank you all the participants for informing us about what happened in Hawaii. This disaster volcano eruption is shocking… It is indeed coming…even if it does not happen to you now it does not mean you should not care. As it can be your reality anytime🙄

  13. Дима Добров

    It is really coming! Volcanoes wake up everywhere and it can be a bell for humanity. Feel honestly worried about Hawaiian. Today it happens somewhere far from us, but tomorrow it might happen behind our window. Disaster on Hawaii is a catastrophe for all the humanity! Unity is a key for salvation in upcoming events due to climate change. Let’s help each other!

  14. Alexandra Sologub

    Things that happened at Hawaii seems impossible or unbelivable, but they are real and it is coming.Nature showes us the consecuencies of our negative thoughts and actions.We have to unite, to help each other, show love and humanity towards each other

  15. Nadejda Panceva

    One by one the volcanos start waking up… and ones it reaches the Yellowstone… that will be a real disaster. That’s why it is very import to stay united in any situation and help each other regardless of nationality, religion and language.

  16. Lidiya Artyukov

    Thank you for your help in sharing this information!

  17. Marina Ovtsynova

    Oh, wow ! It is coming… I think, what we saw today in Hawaii ( volcano eruption, earthquake, evacuation) it is just a beginning !We need to unite as soon as possible, like Igor Danilov advices us !

  18. The climate is changing and the events in Hawaii is another confirmation of this. Thanks to the Breaking News team for the timely coverage of the climate events around the world.

  19. Sergii Diachenko

    This is very important information about climate situation on our Planet. Right now climate is changing very fast and people have to be aware about it. Thank you!

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