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Global climate change. Solutions. International Conference on the ALLATRA IPM platform

ALLATRA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC MOVEMENT is an association of pro-active, honest and good-hearted people from across the globe who strive to use their best qualities for the benefit of society. Millions of people all around the world take active part in creating large-scale video conferences on spiritual and moral topics.

Recently, an interdisciplinary scientific practical conference on the topic of global climate change on Earth with participation of scientists from different countries of the world, eyewitnesses, and just people who care, was held within the context of spiritual and moral subject matter. During the discussion, global questions were raised about whether climatic changes today are unprecedented or if this is just a continuation of what happened thousands of years ago; whether powerful eruptions have an impact on climate or is this phenomenon the opposite of global warming; whether we need new sources of energy? The participants also focused on the point that a change in each person is no longer just a desire, but an objective necessity.

In the programmes with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, special emphasis was made on today’s climate situation, and thanks to that, we know that there is a way out. This inspires people all over the world to take actions! An interdisciplinary scientific and practical online conference dedicated to the subject of climate change and global cataclysms is among the many international events, organized on the ALLATRA platform.

For more details about the international activity of ALLATRA IPM volunteers, please watch the 81st episode of Good News “WORLD UNIFICATION IN PRACTICE. Global activities of ALLATRA Movement. Good News 81” on ALLATRA TV:

Additional information can be found in the unique programme “Се грядёт. It is Coming”


Books by ANASTASIA NOVYKH for all those who crave to know the TRUTH

The report by ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists “On problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways to solve these problems.”’

ALLATRA International Public Movement

Email: info@allatra.tv

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