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Global cataclysms. There is a way out! The trailer for the programme СЕ ГРЯДЕТ. IT IS COMING

Climate changes, natural disasters on Earth are occurring with increasing force and this is already a reality of today. The scale of the events can be observed today across the planet. This makes each person face his personal choice. Soon this will affect everyone, regardless of religion, faith, social status or nationality. We have a way out! The unification of humanity on the basis of good, honor and conscience is our chance to survive! What have you done today in order for your family and friends, have a chance to survive tomorrow?

The programme on ALLATRA TV: “Се грядёт. It is coming”



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  1. Иван Кашуба

    Thank you!!!

  2. Олег Биран

    Thank you!

  3. Ivan Smirnov

    It is very important program! Thank you for your job

  4. Eugen Gerner

    Thank you for the information. The last words still give hope. Of course, the mind goes crazy but to at least survive in this time, people have to come together and unite. Great that there is this channel!

  5. Денис Сидельник

    It is very important,thank you!

  6. Анастасия Флягина

    It is a very important programme. Thank you, AllatRa TV, that now it is available in English

  7. Антон Куд


  8. The programme «It is coming» should be watched by as much people as possible! Thank you for the trailer!

  9. Виталий ВНик

    Very important and timely information, allows us to think where we are now and where we then. Thank you, that such transfer of there is.

  10. Thank You for knowledge…

  11. Марина Гайдаенко

    Indeed, the number of cataclysms increases every day. And we should think about this fact. What can I do today to unite all people? And act in this direction. Otherwise …

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