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Global Cataclysms. There is a Way Out! The Trailer for the Programme СЕ ГРЯДЕТ. IT IS COMING

Climate changes, natural disasters on Earth are occurring with increasing force and this is already a reality of today. The scale of the events can be observed today across the planet.
This makes each person face his personal choice. Soon this will affect everyone, regardless of religion, faith, social status or nationality. We have a way out!
The unification of humanity on the basis of good, honor and conscience is our chance to survive! What have you done today in order for your family and friends, have a chance to survive tomorrow?

The programme on ALLATRA TV: “Се грядёт. It is coming”



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  1. Julia Fedorova

    Thank you so much for the trailer! Everyone has to watch this important programme! The climate is changing rapidly and many countries around the world are appearing not ready for atypical weather anomalies. Already today it is worth for each of us to think about the fact that one should, above all, remain a HUMAN in any situation!

  2. Анастасия Флягина

    I’m gonna watch the programme «It is coming» once again. It is crucial for everyone! Thank you very much AllatRa TV!

  3. All humans should unite on the basis of True Knowledge given in the book AllatRa by Anastasia Novykh. This is the only way for the majority of people to overcome impending disasters that are already taking place. Love God, love each others, treat every person as your beloved relative — this all gives such inner freedom that I’ve been looking for many many years.

  4. Eugen Gerner

    Thanks for the video and the information. It is very important that people finally unite on the basis of spiritual-moral values ​​and do not fight each other. In the upcoming time there is only this possibility.

  5. Alexander Masny

    Strong arguments to be considered…

  6. Евгений Мирный

    This is very actual theme Climate changes, natural disasters and personal choice of each Human!

  7. Thanks for the video and the information.

  8. Olga Schmidt

    Thank you for informing people all over about the climate changes that are already seen. The best is that there is a way that humanity can survive if we all unite. Igor Mikhailovich explains it best in the program “Се грядёт. It is coming”.

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