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Video review by Denis Fabrichkin, a member of ALLATRA International Public Movement about the programme “THE STORY OF MY SLAVERY” in the framework of the project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY” of ALLATRA IPM. Denis expresses his attitude towards this problem in the family and society, shares with people his understanding of how to solve this problem. About Dignity and Honour, about the need to live humanely, in freedom and mutual respect for each other, about the firm position of a True Human. This and much more in the video review of Denis Fabrichkin.

The sincere video-story of Liza Shilkova (who found strength not just to cope with life hardships in life and the despotism of the people around her, but also maintain emotional balance and fortitude) served as a starting point for creating a unique international social project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY”:


E-mail: social@allatra.org

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  1. Наталия Жаборовская

    Thank you very much Denis! I fully support your position!

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