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FIRES IN CALIFORNIA: emergency evacuation. The cities are burning! An island sinks in JAPAN

Forest fires in California (USA) have been called the strongest in the history of the state. They were named the Camp Fire. Entire cities are burning — Paradise has burned down, people are being evacuated from Malibu, Calabasas and the western part of Los Angeles. In total, more than 250 thousand people have been evacuated. At the moment, three major fires are raging in California.

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Today we are witnessing rapid climate change, as evidenced by the increased number of natural disasters and their anomalous occurrences, often not characteristic of the region. A continuous series of cataclysms in Italy, powerful storm in Croatia, prolonged drought in Utah, disappearance of a Japanese island, abnormally warmest October in the Northern hemisphere in the history of meteorological observations. Severe fires in California. What is happening to the climate? What are the reasons for these changes? Is it human influence or certain cycles of the Universe?

ITALY. Last weekend, from November 2nd to 4th, civil protection announced the orange threat level in 6 regions of Italy. In Veneto, the wind reached 180 km/h, which led to devastation comparable to those in the Ligurian region.

In Sicily, the Akragas River overflowed its banks, the water level rose by more than one and a half meters, more than 50 families were evacuated and the railways were blocked. In Trentino-Alto-Adige, more than 14 million trees were flattened, which led to ecological and hydrogeological catastrophe in vast mountainous areas.

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    agenda 21, geoengineering
    a planned collapse

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    Thank you very much! Very important and interesting programme!

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    It’s really scaring that the whole cities in California are burning! And the floods in Italy- it’s horrible! One of the Japanese islands sank. Looks like the Earth does change its face, surface, that is. Will we, people, be able to overcome this difficult period?

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