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Disasters that rattled the world in the spring of 2018. It is coming

Disasters that rattled the world the spring of 2018: A powerful earthquake in the city of Debre Birhan, Africa. Rain with hail the size of a golf-ball in the Asir region, Saudi Arabia. USA, Yellowstone. Activation of Steamboat Geyser. increase of fissures at the Kilauea Volcano. 5.8 magnitude earthquake in the district of Shimane, eruptions of Io Yama Volcano. Explosive activity of the Stromboli Volcano, earthquakes in central part of Italy.

For additional information, please watch a unique programme: "Се грядёт. It is coming"

Report “About problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways of solving these problems”

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  1. Роман Матвеев

    Thanks, your news is getting better and better! Important and interesting!

  2. Teya Davitaia

    Thank you so much! Thanks to the program «Iti is Coming» with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, so many people all over the world are uniting by creating these «Climate Breaking News» on AllatRaTV! And this is such an inspiration! Such an example of people’s unification which is possible thanks to Spiritual development and work on oneself!

  3. Valentina Teslenko Chelkovan

    The rift of the African continent ??? Oh — wow ..

    and Hawaii … look at these beautiful mansions with swimming pools, to which flow lava — in my head does not fit that…

    I did not know that Yellowstone is so atypical and unusual — a cool scientist.

    the catastrophe on Santorino — yeah, the story can repeat itself, but how ready are people?

    thank you guys — in the end you are so inspired by everything and charged! The strength in the unity and choice of each person in the direction of light!

  4. Евгений Мирный

    Catastrophes that rumble to the world in the spring of 2018. Approaches — WOW !!! What is a happen with the world ????

  5. Павел Иванес

    Thanks! Very important news!!!

  6. Ильшат Гилязов


  7. Иван Кашуба

    Thank you very much. There is a great opportunity to do good for each other now, without waiting for reasons, and seeing the possibilities!

  8. Ivan Smirnov

    Thank you

  9. Дима Добров

    The number of disasters allover the world keeps on increasing. Since the beginning of 2018 we witness anomalies in climate, geology and simply in nature. We face the time of a global change, time of a global choice. As it’s mentioned in an episode with Igor Michailovich Danilov » Се грядет.It’s coming» that’s just the beginning. We cannot reverse it. However, despite all the challenges we have nowadays we can overcome it. And the only way is to do it together. Unity is our strength. Love and spiritual growth is the key to survival.

  10. Maria Sarieva

    Thank you very much ! You are doing so great work for benefit of all people around the world ! This information is really very necessary for everyone .

  11. Алена Грищенко

    Thank you so much for lighting up such events. It is very important! This is a real example of uniting people in practice

  12. Иван Берус

    It is coming, can’t argue with factse. Thank you. Great release, sobering.

  13. AirForce720 Ono

    OMG! That’s true we came to the point with no return. Igor Mihailovici give a good answer » in any situation to remain a Human» thanks for this special edition and»it’s coming»

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