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Climate anomalies: floods, tornadoes, hurricanes. Breaking News on Climate Change. ALLATRA TV

Climatic changes on Earth are happening with ever-increasing force and this is already the reality of today. Climatic anomalies: flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, record temperatures, storms, and abnormal hail are seen more and more often all over the planet. The climate news from all around the world.

In this episode of the Breaking News on ALLATRA TV:

The countries of Africa and the Middle East. Tropical cyclones “Fakir”, “Sagar”, and “Mekunu”, severe rains, floods, and landslides are the sad reality of this spring for people who live in the countries of Africa and the Middle East.

Russia. In the summer of 2012, the most destructive flood took place in the city of Krymsk in Kuban region. Eyewitness’ story.

Germany. Plentiful rains, minor flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. May 2018

Belarus. Tornadoes (twisters) in Belarus. The twisters are a fairly recent phenomena for Belarus. Experts connect this with the climate change.

China. On June 7, a typhoon hit for the fourth time this year, reaching the province of Guangdong. The wind gusts reached Beaufort force 8 points. Many cities suffered from heavy rains, roads got flooded. The Guangzhou zoo as well as Baiyun airport were completely swept by torrential rains.

Guatemala. The participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement reached out to Faride Irene Coll Zaid — a volunteer psychologist who is at the camp for refugees and victims in Guatemala.

Greece. Powerful rains and flooding in Thessaloniki (Greece) and Ankara (Turkey).

Egypt. Interview with Dr. Khalid Zayed (Cairo). About extreme record temperaturs in Cairo — up to 50 C, which never existed in this region before. About the importance of uniting people of all cultures and nationalities into one tight-knit family. “We are all people, we are all brothers and sisters, and we need to unite according to our common origin — we are all PEOPLE” — said Dr. Zayed.

Indonesia. On May 11, there occured a sudden eruption of one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Merapi on Java Island. On May 21st, volcano Merapi erupted again, creating ash rain.

Russia. The beginning of summer in Russia was very atypical. In the middle zone of the country there was a near-zero temperature, snowfalls were observed. And on May 30th, a violent storm swept through two dozens of regions of Russia at once.

Canada. At the same time, on the opposite side of the globe, in Canada, there was a powerful snowfall. In some areas, up to 36 cm of snow fell.

Mexico. At the same time, in Mexico, the air temperature exceeded the mark of +50 degrees Celsius. In the capital of the country, a hundred-year record of the highest temperature of the day was registered.

For more information, watch a unique programme on ALLATRA TV: "Се грядёт. It is coming"

And also read the report by ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists: “About problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways of solving these problems”

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  1. Valentina Teslenko Chelkovan

    Water is power. Its destructive power is a real challenge of nature.
    I believe that humanity can unite on the threshold of global cataclysms!
    The creation of these issues is a vivid example of the unity of people! Many thanks to everyone who invested a bit of himself in this issue

  2. Maria Martynova

    Many thanks for every program of the Breaking News on climate change. What is shown in the news gives a new understanding of how one can perceive what is coming. Not in fear of the happening events, but in unity with all people. And unity is the inner sense of true love, which you cultivate inside, through working on yourself in every day. Thanks to the Knowledge of the book AllatRa, this way to unity between people becomes simple, it’s easy to understand yourself and to generate love inside, when you have the knowledge about yourself, about how we are created and what is the highest meaning of our life. These projects show how many people all over the world have discovered the Knowledge from AllatRa, and the unity between people around the world based on inner love and kindness is already happening!

  3. Ekaterina Katkova

    Climatic anomalies occur more and more often, and we understand how it is important for people to unite right now. Thank you for inspiring examples of unity and help, for sincere understanding of different people of the importance of living true, human eternal values.
    «We are all people, we are all brothers and sisters, and we need to unite according to our common origin — we are all HUMANS» — yes, I totally agree! 🙂

  4. Thank you for such inspiring words and informing about the climatic anomalies that are happening in the world. I liked the sincere understanding of people… I have also the understanding that the climate is changing a lot and we have to unite between all of us on Earth on the spiritual true values and I’m happy that more and more people around the world today understand this. Thank you again for your videos! It s important for the whole humanity!

  5. NO ONE
    No one can show credible and verifiable evidence that fossil fuel CO2 has caused any warming. So all kind of fantastic claims are made such as “The heat went into the oceans” — Any unusual or damaging weather — hot, cold, wet, dry anywhere in the world — is evidence of «climate change» — meaning by human created CO2 of course. Sure And claim «it is settled», «the debate is over». Yeah sure — real science.

  6. Ivan Smirnov

    Thank for your important news

  7. Veronica Zaharia

    Thank a lot for very important news!

  8. Очень нравится название. Звучит как слияние двух языков тюрско-русского. Духовно близкие народы

  9. Виталий ВНик

    Thank you, actual transfer, even here in the city so much water after a rain I had not seen for a long time. Eroded slopes, the ground had cracks. Serious natural anomalies occur outside our window.

  10. Сергей Тышковец


  11. TheSophiaChristosEcstacyParty

    Geoengineering, Terra-forming, depopulation and hugely profitable mask ‘climate change’ heading up the genocidal sustainability agenda. Call it what it is, not what some ‘foundation’ is paid to tell you.

  12. Спасибо друзья

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