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CALIFORNIA’S earthquakes! How DANGEROUS is the RIFT across the American mainland? USA, 2019

In June 2019, a swarm of more than 1000 earthquakes occurred in California, which scientists rated as harbingers of a stronger earthquake. And so on July 4, a powerful earthquake of 6.6 magnitude occurred, and even more powerful occured on the next day — of 7.1 magnitude. And again a swarm of more than 1000 earthquakes in California was recorded. The volunteers of the international Internet TV ALLATRA TV contacted the participant of the ALLATRA IPM Nara from California, who shared her experience and understandings after the earthquake she passed through with her family.

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  1. Julia Fedorova

    😮 such a powerful earthquake in California…

  2. Thank you for your excellent work, carried out in free time on volunteer basis. So great!

  3. Анастасия Гончарук

    Wow!! Very important information.
    Thanks AllatRa TV

  4. Eugen Gerner

    Thank you very much AllatRa TV. This Informationen is very important.

  5. Lidiya Artyukov

    Thank you all for sharing such important information!!!

  6. Боже Храни Америку

    И зачем здесь русские пишут на английском?))))


    Thanks . English and Slaves , our the only one help is Unite !!! Please , be polite and help others . Good luck!

  8. Anna Savenko

    Thanks,for the hinh how to act in case of earthquakes.Life is the most valuable thing a person has.But this understanding is only when there is love inside a person.

  9. Антон Куд

    Thanks allatra TV

  10. Really that’s last chance for our unity and brotherhood! Thanks for programme.

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