#ATLANTIS. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY is a video that was shown within the programme "From an Atheist to Holiness" on ALLATRA TV.

THE TRUTH about the origin of the elite in contemporary human society and their search of immortality. The elite are El's servants. The story of the archaic highly developed civilization Atlantis, mentioned in the world's literary heritage of #Sumer, Babylon, and Hellas as well as in the myths of different peoples of the world.

Highly developed technologies, fight for power, climatic weapons (weather warfare), nuclear war of the antiquity, megaliths, the unique technology for prolonging life beyond the species limit, immortality in the body for the selected ones. Facts and evidence. How has the ideology of Atlantean descendants affected the modern worldview of humanity? The history of development of the world elite’s conspiracy. SHARP AND RAPID CLIMATE CHANGE. The last threshold. Now, everything depends on each person's choice!

Atlantis is a video about the true #history of an ancient civilization. The cause of Atlantis destruction, how global government was formed in ancient times, who El was. Why, in the understanding of most people, God is someone with a beard and sitting on a throne? Why do people stereotypically believe that He allows wars and strife? How were ancient legends about the spiritual world and its representatives borrowed and altered, specifically those about the seven immortal Sages (Bodhisattvas)? Who is Ariman?

The origin of ancient words from "mo" and "do" e.g. the word “might”, “be able to”.
Ancient priests' global conspiracy in 7th century B.C. — history's forbidden topics. Who and for what purpose wrote the works of "Iliad" and "Odyssey" under an alias of Homer, and what influence do they have on the worldview of atheists as well as the religious beliefs of people from the times of ancient Greece to today? Who and for what purpose organized the first Olympic games and what were they really conducted for? What is the pattern of worldview that the Trojan war, Elysium and Olympus implant in people's consciousness? What is actually the true meaning of the words "heroes" and "tragedy"? Whose interests is it in that the young generations study and know about such "heroes" of ancient lands of Sumer and Ellas as Gilgamesh, Achilles, Hercules, and Odyssey, and what was really their fate? Was there a nuclear war in antiquity and did people possess climatic weapons? Who built the megaliths and to what purpose?

Secrets and puzzles. What has been hidden in the ancient texts: "He who saw everything", “Epic of Gilgamesh”, "Enlil is Everywhere…", “Enuma Elish”, “Tanakh”, “Old Testament”, “ as well as other ancient works.
A documentary revealing the true history of humankind for the first time. The alternative history.

Video FROM AN ATHEIST TO HOLINESS (English Subtitles)



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  1. Logistica MARAL

    Thanks from Mexico

  2. Софія Бутенко

    It is very interesting to see))) Thank you)

  3. А видео на русском языке будет?

  4. Larysa Tymoshkevych

    Thank you very much!!!🙌🙏❤

  5. Educando 2020

    A great documentary.Thank you Аллатра.

  6. The most serious, interesting and shocking research. Thank you!

  7. Наталья Владимирова

    Да, правду должны знать все! Спасибо коллективу АллатРа за фильм и за перевод.

  8. Vadim Nechiporuk

    very cool. a lot of work, thanks

  9. Антон н

    Thanks 🌞

  10. this is one of my favorite movies, I would never would of made this connection between Greeks mythology, Atlantis, and our current world! thank you people this is so so good <3

  11. Alfonso Navarro

    Thank you for everything, I just want to be the best version of me. Greetings from Mexico.

  12. Please, more information, more truth, more AllatRa

  13. Tainstvo Krasoti

    Are we really like atlantes? But we still have a chance to save our civilization.

  14. Nelly Miller

    Thank you)))

  15. This is a must-see documentary about Atlantis! So much hidden facts and information is given to us! Thank you AllatRa TV)

  16. Денис Сидько

    This information about Atlantis is very important for all people all over the world. If people know truth they will be able to resist the elite right now.

  17. Kostiantyn Kondratiuk

    Дякую за величезну роботу по перекладу! ❤️️

  18. Olena Sydorenko

    It’s very important to know our true history in order not to make the same mistakes. Thank you for such a great movie — that was a huge job!

  19. Галина Лещенко

    Спасибо за этот огромный труд который вы проделали Ребята очень важна ,что передачу смогут посмотреть ещё очень много людей .Спасибо

  20. Спасибо огромное, что теперь есть и перевод на Английский, очень ценная информация, теперь могу сбросить англоговорящим друзьям. 🌸😊

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