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ALLATRA is the Universal Grain that everyone has inside. GOOD NEWS 69

Thanks to sincere initiatives and ideas which are implemented by people themselves, kindness multiplies and there is more good. As it is written in the book AllatRa: “There is no need to wait for anyone, you must act yourself, and start, first of all, with yourself. You yourself must be a good example for others and then pos itive changes in you and in the society will not keep themselves waiting.”

In this edition of the Good News:

— The release of the first video “CHOICE” of the large-scale international project “The Universal Grain". The most vivid insights and personal discoveries of people from around the world on the subject of “the people's choice” and its primary role in a person’s life, which determines his subsequent destiny.

— The release of the landmark programme “From an Atheist to Holiness” with participation of I.M. Danilov. The participants reveal the topics which concern not only those people who follow the spiritual path, but also those who call themselves atheists. The real history about the destruction of the mighty Atlantean civilization. Immediately after the release of the programme, there was a wave of research, and the participants of AllatRa IPM began to share their insights while watching the programme.

— Presentation at session of the local Council of Jones Creek, state of Georgia, USA of ALLATRA IPM active participants from USA and Ukraine. They presented ongoing international projects of AllatRa IPM, stating that the movement is outside of politics and religion.

— Publication in Gomel city of the newspaper “Good is where you are”. International project — the newspaper “Good is where you are” is a unique public initiative which is aimed at filling the information space with good news, creative ideas, informative articles and other positive information. Creation of design, selection of material, layout — all of this is implemented together in their free time by volunteers from different countries of the world.

— Release of series of programmes “Games of the visible and the invisible worlds”. In these programmes, people share their experience of making a deal with the system of Animal mind and how they were able to get out from under the system’s control thanks to the Knowledge set forth in the books written by Anastasia Novykh, programmes with I.M. Danilov’s participation as well as thanks to their own personal work on themselves.

— Through the efforts of ALLATRA IPM participants, a video about book “AllatRa” — an encyclopedia of spiritual knowledge — is being shown on the information screen at the central bus depot of the city of Poltava.

— Programmes “God is One. ALLATRA unites” and “The meeting of ALLATRA IPM participants with I.M. Danilov. Questions and Answers” have been translated and dubbed in English, and can now be viewed and listened to by the English-speaking viewers. The programme “It is Coming” is also being translated into various languages. This programme is already available for viewing with subtitles in ten different languages. It has also been dubbed in English, Czech, and French.

— Representatives of ALLATRA International Public Movement from Minsk are participating in the social research project “The Universal Grain”. To this end, the movement volunteers are interviewing representatives of various nations, faiths, denominations, and social strata on the subject of social unity of people all over the world. The movement participants have also worked up layouts of calendars with kind quotes.

Website of ALLATRA International Public Movement

Email: info@allatra.tv

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  1. ЮЛИЯ Владимировна

    Such inspiring and interesting episode of GOOD NEWS. So many people from different countries uniting☀️

  2. Is is greate to see, to hear and to feel, what you are guys doing! The Universal Grain project is a unique of its kind and unite people all over the world. And these good news are also giving this impouls of positive energy and optimism to act for good of all people in the world 🙂

  3. Татьяна Ильина

    So great to hear and see so many people explaining what unites us all people, and feeling Love within. This gives hope for better future of all of us.

  4. Елена Шевцова

    THANKS ALLATRA TV !!!! This is a great and very inspirational News!

  5. Victoria Matte

    💕Thanks to all! No words to describe the whole gratitude and love for Spiritual world for “helping hand”, for non-ending love to all people, who are on their way Home. ☀️☀️☀️

    “And it’s the Soul that, yearning for Eternity, begets this sense of Home, for which man searches his entire life.” Rigden Djappo

  6. Anna Savenko

    Very cool!!!!No understend,but l feel warm joy at the soul level.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  7. Ігор Гордієнко

    Thank you very much. You’re unites all people’s of the world and given reality feelings of love.

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