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AllatRa Deserves to be on Your Bookshelf. A Book for Real Researchers! Christian, New Zealand

What is AllatRa? AllatRa Deserves to be on Your Bookshelf. This is not just a book, but an amazing encyclopedia of knowledge. In it, I found answers to many important questions about the life of past civilizations, world order, history, culture, beliefs of various cultures and peoples, answers to vital questions about the meaning of human life. What is consciousness? How does it work? What is the brain and how does it receive thoughts? What are thoughts?

People around the world have a lot in common. The differences are much smaller than the commonalities that unite us. We are all human beings and united internally. There are external borders, but there are no internal borders.


AllatRa Book. Anastasia Novykh

International social research project THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN

Official site of ALLATRA International Public Movement

Official site of International volunteer television ALLATRA TV

E-mail: info@allatra.tv

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  1. Антон К

    Thanks 😉

  2. Enzo Jerez berlin

    Thanks. Very wise and beautiful.

  3. Eugenia Guschak

    Cool!)) ALLATRA — amazing book!📒☝😊💖

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    Thank you very much !)))

  5. Larysa Tymoshkevych

    Thanks! The «AllatRa» book really reveals exclusive information! This is a unique book in all respects!

  6. Yulia Zholobetskaya

    Thank you so much for such an interview. It is full of light and sincerity. It was a pleasure to listen to it!

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